Hi all! I’d like to start this post off by saying, firstly, RIP Gene Wilder you legend. (gotta love those memes) and secondly, where the hell has the time gone? I know its been a long while since I posted anything, it is largely due to how hectic my life got soon after I started posting. But I am (finally) working on some serious stuff for my blog. And I hope to be making some kind of come back, even though I’ve only posted like a few academic blogs and one anime review…


..So hang on to your hats because this blog will finally be getting some well deserved attention! Going to be starting my return with a videogame review. Not going to spoil which one. (grin###) All I can say is that it has just been released and it is closely related to another portion of what I post about on this blog. So keep your eyes on this space…. because things are about to get serious!!

Much Love,